Wat Bang Aoi Chang


This is an important temple, which has a history no less than the others in Nonthaburi province. It was built in the late Ayutthaya period since the year 1761. Presumably make up by strong spiritual faith in Buddhism of “Bang Aoi Chang” also called “Baan Suai Chang”. Because of in the past, these areas have “Tree Jasmine” a lot and elephants often eaten as food and medicine. This community has the duty to pay tribute of “Tree Jasmine” to raise the Ayutthaya elephants.

Moreover, here is one of the three communities or the place for an arbitrary collection, to provision of supplies for the war with the royal soldiers on land and water. Including to, sent men to the military community. The important event is to send troops to join the army of the King Taksin in the war of the independence after the 2nd lost of the capital. Thus, the “Monument of King Taksin the Great” was built in the temple for a symbol and a memorial.

The temple has some interesting such as Wat Bang the community to display as the heritage of community, such as talipot fan of the Chulalongkorn the reign 5, Taluem or Panwaenfa, and crafts of Thailand in ancient times. There are also many important monuments and places, such as inside the principal church, which is Sukhothai Buddha, is carved laterite, age older than 600 years, and mural is a story about Buddha and historical depictions of Bang Aoi Chang allows visitors to see. Additional, the footprint of the Buddha, cast in bronze, over 200 year, and put in the movable throne. This is the worship of the Bang Aoi Chang people are Buddhists.



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