Wat Cha Lor

The old temple beside the Bang Kruai canal, it has a history dating from the early Ayutthaya period. No clear evidence about the build of the temple. But, it is unique and unlike any temple in Nonthaburi province that is it has a largest swan church in the world which is visually appealing and unforgettable experience as a highly.

By the documents of the Department of Religion, stated that the temple was built early in 1757 without the name and history of the builder. But, assumed that it was built in the early Ayutthaya period because of the Fine Arts Department has been calculated the age of the old church that found it was built  more than 600 years ago.

In the other side, it is said that the 31st king of Ayuthaya, Boromakot (1732 – 1758), traveled by boat along the Chao Phraya river and past Nonthaburi by the “Lad canal”, which is now called Bang Kruai canal. The king saw that the area should have temple, but since then the area has historically been of a Chinese junk boat capsized and sank and there are a lot of crew casualties, it is believed that this is a mystery. During construction, there are numerous obstacles, the king has a sacrament with a fairy and dream about the Chinese old man, who said that the church sould be built as a ship for the tips the the church was built as a brig and the king gave the name “Wat Cha Lor”. The temple was empty all along. Which, the monks have came into during the reign 3 to the reign 4.

The attraction of this temple is the church (the oldchurch) age of several hundred years, which has been renovated several times. In the church has the ancient Buddha statues in Ayutthaya and early and has the Buddha statues in many postures. The old temple ruins up on the year 1970. Until the year 1985, Phra Kru Nontha Panya Wimon, the abbot of Wat Cha Lor in the past, he built the new church as the largest church in the world as a Supannahong boat and decorated with color glass and gold leaf patterns with spectacular formations. Within the church has a principle Buddha statue called “Luang Phor Dam”, which has many of Buddhists come to pay homage each days.




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