Wat Poramaiyikawas Worawihan


Wat Poramaiyikawas is the royal monastery, second Class, Worawihan Type which is located at 51 Moo 7, Tambon Kohkred, Amphoe Pak-kred, Nonthaburi province. Wat Poramaiyikawas is an ancient temple, it is assumed to be built during the reign of King Tai Sa who had graciously ordered to dig a canal in B.E. 2264 which villagers called it as Wat Pak Owe until Burma had invaded and seized Nonthaburi town in B.E. 2307, the temple was abandoned. Mon tribe migrated in the reign of King Taksin in B.E. 2317 and renovated and called the temple as “Kia Mu Kia Terng” King Rama V had given royal Kathina to 4 Mon temple such as Wat Pak Owe, Wat Ramun (Wat Koh Phraya Cheng), Wat Bangpung and Wat Sanam (Sanam Nue) in B.E. 2417, King Rama V considered that Wat Pak Owe had been damaged, he graciously made an order to renovate the temple by maintaining its Mon patternin order to honour Phra Chao Borom Mahaiyika Krom Somdet Phra Sudarat Ratchaprayoon who had taken care of King Rama V since he was achild and had graciously given name of the temple as Wat Poramaiyikawas which meant “Wat of grandmother”

The important things in this temple is mural painting in applied Thai pattern, front door panels decorated by color painted stucco, beautiful patterns of low wall surrounding the temple is made of high quality iron from Europe and there is Mon style pagoda located behind the temple where King Rama V had contained Buddha relics in this great Mon pagoda in B.E. 2427 and there is Viharnra housed marble Buddha Image which Phra Patimakorn San Sew Soon had presented to King Rama V as well as “Phra Nonthamunin” is Buddha Image sitting cross-legs with legs locked together, lap width is 1 meter and 16.5 meter height casting by metal which was invented by Phra Sasanasophon (On), Bangkok Monk Dean to be Buddha Image of Nonnthaburi town and Phraya Ratcha Songkram invited to install in the south of Viharnra of the Inclined Buddha. Wat Poramaiyikawas has continuous tradition that new governor of Nonthaburi province who has been officially appointed must receive reception ceremony and paying respect to Buddha of Nonthaburi province housing in glass cabinet under veranda behind this temple too. There are many big trees in this ancient Mon temple as well as benches for sitting to witness beautiful scenery of the island, this temple is deemed as the remarkable temple of Koh Kred people.



By normal bus, using bus No. 32 Sanam Luang – Pak – kred,getting off at Pak-kred and then riding motorcycle taxi to Wat Sanam Nue in order to embark ferry at Wat Sanam Nue pier across the river to Koh Kred pier (ferry fare is 2 Baht each).


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