Wat Sanghathan

Wat Sanghathan is an ancient temple with no evidence of construction; formerly, it is an abandoned temple which located in orchard of villager with approximate 1 Rai of land and there is merely an ancient Stucco Buddha Image called Luang Phor Toh and a very old wooden pavilion, however, after analysis parts of front eaves mosaic of roof tiles of the discovered temple and Buddha Image characteristic of Luang Phor Toh, it is assumed approximately in 21-22 Buddhist era. When Luang Phor Sanong Katapunyo had found Wat Sanghathan initially in 1968, he considered that this location was appropriate for Buddhism distribution and Dharma practice, he returned to the location again in 1974 and cooperated with monks, novices and villagers in Luang Phor Toh renovation in 1993, Luang Phor Sanong initiated to demolish the old wooden pavilion that housed Luan Phor Toh and building the temple for replacement and Luang Phor Sangwan Kemago had laid the foundation stone in 1994. The interesting objects in this temple, within pagoda-shaped chapel housing two pieces of Buddha relics which are respectfully invited from Sri Lanka, one relic has a remarkable feature which is very rarely seen as the relic is porous entirely like bubbled bone. The temple has taken picture of the relics and printing in a big image to display in the housing place of both relics as well as organizing location to display relics of Buddhist disciples during Buddha’s lifetime and bone remains of several monks who comply with Luang Poo Mun’s commitment.



– By using Chao Phraya Express Boatand getting off at Wat Kian pier.

– By own car from Bangkok. Go straight on Rattanathibet Road, Across Rama 5 Bridge, keep left and see Wat Sanghathan Label on left side, Turn left and go straight ahead for 2 Kilometer.


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