Wat Prang Luang

Wat Prang Luang is another must visit spot when come to Nonthaburi, to see an ancient prang age over 600 years old. This temple previously called “Wat Luang” presumably built in the reign of King Rama 1, King U-Thong. (B.E. 1350-1369). Later, Somdet Phra Maha Samana Chao Krom Phraya Wachirayan Waroros ,the 10th patriarch of Rattanakosin, found that prang was built at the same time was the temple. Then he change name of the temple to “Wat Prang Luang” which has an ancient prang as a symbol.

The clay brick with 7 stories top prang, Ruan Taat has arch leads to all four directions, enshrined standing Buddha image, created by craftsman in the early Ayutthaya period. Although it is somewhat dilapidated at present, but still spectacular. The front of prang was an old church which only its platform is remaining at present. Then the temple replaces it with a new small temple hall.

Furthermore, there is holy object worthwhile to conserve and visit which is principle Buddha image called “Laung Phor U-thong”, has 9 meters width lap, receive a lot of respect from nearby villager and ordinary Buddhists.


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