The traditional waterfood offering Buddhist monks festival

The traditional water offering food Buddhist monks festival. A local tradition of Mon Thailand. Pak Kret eclectic way of life in Thailand. And Mon. them seamlessly. A time when Buddhists What is common in the 15th lunar month every year in the past 11 Mon boats will be decorated for the monks. Pupil and paddle to receive alms from house to house. The Chao Phraya River From early morning onwards Each ship will be larger. Capacity has many followers
These rowers will sing rhythm lull around the water. jolly fun Some students need to measure the distance rowing competition. And singing all the way Monks from various temples The boat to receive alms The river home Until all the villages and then return measure. Current Pak Kret Tradition was put on the water Beautifully decorated boat contest The place where the Chao Phraya River in Nonthaburi Pier. Temple Pier Poramai Serpent Island temple Wat Toei Port of cool people to finish up the monks in Buddhist Lent. Cultural Thailand – Mon contest and ship receive food. To promote local traditions of Thailand Mon. The historic and classy Conservation to future generations This tradition has continued



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