Monk Flowers Offerings Ceremony of Mon

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Monk Flowers Offerings Ceremony of Mon

Monk Flowers Offerings Ceremony of Mon is important as a memorial for events related to the Buddha’s history in order to pay respect to the Buddha. Back to the historical period when the Buddha visited is mother at the celestial world, the Buddha stayed at the celestial world to teach his mother for the entire Buddhist Lent. At that time, all people thought of the Buddha and looked forward to his return at all times.

On his returning date, all citizens had been informed and they were really happy to welcome the Buddha back so that they organized the greatest ceremony. On his arrival to the human world, all devas created ladders with gold, silver, and glass for him. The citizens of Sangkasa City, from the King to people, as well as kings, nobles, and people from other cities, participated in the Buddha’s welcoming ceremony crowdedly with all kinds of flower and oblation for paying respect to the Buddha. Upon the Buddha’s arrival, he walked through those ladders with gold, silver, and glass while all devas offered him oblation. Brahma Deva and Sakka Devathan Deva offered him the highest umbrella to protect him. All devas also performed orchestra, scattered petals, and walked after the Buddha in order to send him back to the human world safely.
Once the Buddha arrived at the world in Sangkasa City, all kings and citizens were wholeheartedly happy. They paid respect to the Buddha with a bunch of flowers and aromatic matters. Mon people takes this moment in the Buddha’s history to organize Monk Flowers Offerings Ceremony.

Program: Monk Flowers Offerings Ceremony is organized on the End of Buddhist Lent Festival, the 15th day of waxing moon of the 11th month. Mon communities around will organize this ceremony at crucial temple in each community, such as Bang Kradee Temple for Ban Bang Kradee community, Pora Maiyikaram Temple for Pak Kred community in Nonthaburi Province, Wat Yai Nakhom Chum Temple in Ban Pong community, and Kongkaram Temple in Photharam community in Ratchaburi Province, etc.

Activity/Ceremony : On the End of Buddhist Day, after offering foods to monks during lunch time, all monks will participate in their Pavarana Ceremony in the Buddhist temple. People usually sit along both sideways with prepared flowers, incenses, and candles for paying respect to monks. When it is time, monks will walk to the temple to attend Pavarana Ceremony with Buddha Image leading the monk parade to the temple. People will then offer those prepared flowers, incenses, and candles to monks to pay respect to the

Threefold Refuge. Once monks received those prepared flowers, incenses, and candles from people, they will attend Pavarana ceremony further. This is a memorial for the event that the Buddha returned from the celestial world previously said.


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