Canal Candy



Another place of interest is not lost on the other. He is also featured on the island is “Canal Candy” is a canal waterfront home on several houses. Many families popular dessert Thailand. Or desserts together It is a source of delicious food and sweets Thailand Thailand ancient that it is.

The first is that everyone should visit. Thailand dessert ” Ban Khun Aell “. You will come only when you cruise only. Most visitors come to the island, if not a cruise. It will be hardly anyone here. The atmosphere of your home AEO Similar to a typical restaurant by the river. But the appearance of the house is a traditional wooden house. Still, the people at the high side of the canal. Up to the upper floor You will find a variety of sweets, such as candy Heamgkuฎ Thailand, this parting candy, candy charming Chan, Thong-ek candy, FOI, Doonghiib. Golden Ball. And more It also serves Thailand is such a tricky formula palace ancient rice, rice, noodles reagents, pork, cinnamon, pineapple, etc.


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