Wat Takhian Floating Market : Nonthaburi Province

Wat Takhian Floating Market

Wat Takhian Floating Market

Wat Takhian Floating Marketwas officially inaugurated on 2 May, 2010 by Luang Poo Yam conducted opening ceremony and splashing holy water to all vendors who had prepared their products to trade in this Wat Takhian Floating Market. By using concept to restore the past lifestyle for new generation to be recognized and for those who require using area of this canal for the benefits of local people who live in this area to earn their living without any cost by taking their own crops as well as various foods and rowing to sell here, it is deemed that you have responded these benefits to these people too as this temple can maintain due to regular merit making, donation and food offering by these local people, Wat Takhian Floating Market is currently attracted by many tourists as it is not far from Bangkok.

The interesting part of visiting Wat Takhian Floating Market is riding on boat and see scenery both banks of Khlong Bang Kuwiang, Khlong Bang Rawnok and seeing lifestyle for villagers who reside beside the canals, they still maintain Thai style houses which are colorful by nature and traces of civilization, arts, walking under Phra Ubosot, tiger, dragon are popular activities of tourists who come to Wat Takhian Floating Market. Travelling to Wat Takhian Floating Market, if you start from Khaerai Intersection, Nonthaburi province, driving along Rama V Bridge and straight to Nakhon-In Roaduntil arriving at Kanchana Phisek Road, you should make U-turn under the bridge before crossing intersection and return to the same route approximately 1 km., you will find the temple ahead, you can cross the bridge to park your car at the parking lot of the temple, it opens daily from 9.00 – 17.00hrs.






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