Thailand’s delicatessen Nichaya


Thailand’s delicatessen Nichaya

Address: 59 Moo 2 Soi Wat Noi 29. Some gold district, Nonthaburi Nonthaburi. 11130.

5 Rama market opens at 8:00 am. – 20:00 pm.

Electricity Bang opens at 6:00 am. – 15:00 pm. Every day.

Phone: 081-9271523, 0819369597

Fax: 028836751

Thailand’s milk transport Nichaya A gift from Nonthaburi Unique and delicious taste.

Looks at a candy invention Cheamewg court. Thailand dessert range

FOI Doonghiib Golden Ball as the wood grain rice custard dessert dessert reckless.

Pages that shrimp custard dried fish, etc., and the restaurant also has a pastry.

Category served with ice as Ladcheag Singapore. Chilled sweet vermicelli in coconut milk (wedge) Ruby.

Balls categories such as coconut milk, etc







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